Saturday, 23 January 2016

Inspiration 2016

Another year has come and gone. 2015 was a good year...

 I traveled to wonderful shops,

AQS Quilt Week

Had Some Excitement At The Hotel

Midnight Chillin With all the COOL Quilters

 Trunk Shows and Guild Celebrations

 I was lucky to be able to share inspiration with Quilters from around the world, as close as my own studio

and as far away as Africa.

Each event was filled with good friends, new ideas and fun filled creative learning.

This year is already off to a great start. I spent the first of the year at the Handi Quilter Head office in Utah

where I was surrounded with creative inspiration and over a dozen outstandingly talent quilting educators.

We spent the week sharing ideas, learning new techniques and developing exciting new classes to share in 2016. We spent a day with the awesome men and women who design, improve, build and maintain all the awesome Handi Quilter machines. The question of the day was... what can we do to make the machines even better for you? It was a day filled with exciting new ideas and new hopes and dreams for an already awesome quilting machine selection. We even had the pleasure of spending the day with the women who started it all. Laurel shared her story with us all and then spent the day with us as we shared show and tell with class samples and travel stories. It was a good day.

Now my thoughts are on a new year. With new adventures, new shows and classes, and a new personal goal....

My personal goal for 2016... Do Something Creative... EVERY DAY!!!

I have been very lucky to be able to do exactly what I love, what I'm most passionate about, to earn my income. And yet with all the travelling and teaching I find myself missing the unstructured time I use to have to just imagine, design and create with no end purpose in mind, other then fulfilling my own inspiration. So 2016 is my year to start creating again. Of course my inspiration always seems to come from fibers and threads and colour and free formed spirit so for me being creative will no doubt still involve fibers of some kind. But this year I will share more of my personal art with the world. I will show older pieces that have been done through out the past 16 years and share new ideas and completed pieces as they are created. Yes 2016 will be my year to work on something creative everyday. 

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  1. Sue, it was great meeting you in Michigan! I still carry several of your words of wisdom with me every time I fire up DW (my Fusion). Thank you for your classes in Hastings and your energy for life and the love of quilting. Hoping you have an excellent year in 2016 and perhaps someday we will be able to meet up again!